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Cold water pressure washers are recommended for industries or applications that do not contain oil or grease. While there are detergents available that will Breakthrough oil and grease, the trade=off between the heat of a Hot Pressure Washer and the PSI of a Cold Pressure Washer is a decision that should be based on your intended use for the machine. You wouldn’t wash your dishes in cold water in the sink – even if you are using soap! Keep that in mind when selecting the best Hotsy System for your application.

Hotsy Cold Pressure Washers are used in industries such as construction, landscaping, zoos, veterinary areas, general maintenance, and plumbing. Cold water pressure washers are an ideal choice for cleaning mud, dust, lawn clippings, paint, graffiti markings and more.

Hotsy Detergents can help you boost your Cold Water Cleaning –
Electric Powered Cold Water Washers
Gas Powered Cold Water Washers
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