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Sioux Saturated Steam are the industry leaders in Saturated Steam Systems. The Sioux Dakota II, E and EN Series Steam Cleaners combine the power of a pressure washer with the efficiency of a steam cleaner resulting in an all in one cleaning tool. All units are available as Combination Systems with the ability to switch between Saturated Steam and Hot Water cleaning.

The Sioux E-Series is an electrically powered portable unit. The fume free operation makes is an ideal choice for indoor applications such as washing down conveyors, cleaning mixing and storage tanks, removing oil and grease on production equipment, cleaning presses, dies and molds, and washing floors and walls.

The Sioux EN-Series are also electrically powered. The EN Series also offers an explosion proof option and is an excellent choice for hazardous locations. Like the E-Series, this model is also fume, flame and emission free optimizing it for indoor or confined space use.

The Sioux Dakota II Series is a fuel-fired steam cleaner which is avalable in LP, natural gas, or fuel oil configurations. The Dakota II Systems are designed to perform steam cleaning, hot pressure washing and cold pressure rinse in one compact unit.

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Ameristeam experts are available for free facility tours in Western New York to help you decide on the most efficient machine for your application. Please contact an Ameristeam Team Member if you have any questions, need a quote, or would like to schedule a free facility tour.

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