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SteamKing Pro Plus+

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Cleaning your home has never been easier!  Enjoy using the most innovative steam cleaner with specialty home cleaning accessories.  The MaxiMop floor mop is safe to use on all floor surfaces.  The Plumber's Helper allows you to sanitize and clear shower and sink drains for fresh smelling kitchens and bathrooms.  The Aromatherapy Diffuser can provide relaxing essential oil scents to complete your home cleaning.  And of course, all standard nozzles, brushes, extensions and squeegees fit in the compact and convenient carrying/storage bag. This unique system has a digital display, energy saving eco mode, continuous fill boiler and a sleek design to elevate your cleaning to the ultimate in ease and speed.


CSA Approved Materials manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Shipping & Returns

We KNOW you'll love your steam cleaner. If you change your mind within 7 days, you can return the system in the original packaging. Any accessories that are used beyond normal expectation will be charged at retail price, and you will be charged for return shipping and handling.


Your system is delivered in one box, measuring 21" x 15" x 18" and weighing 35 lbs.

Care Instructions

Please protect your steam cleaner from freezing temperatures. After 7 uses, or during periods of long storage it is recommended you drain the water from the boiler of your machine. Use only tap water in your machine, no distilled or treated waters. Never put any chemicals of any kind in the reservoir or boiler of your steam cleaner.

Simple to Use

With Incredible Results. Cleaning your whole home has never been better!

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